12 Step Goals

Step 1 Goal:   Admit that in our own strength we are powerless over alcohol, drugs, and other sinful addictions. . . that our lives have become uncontrollable.

Step 2 Goal:   Come to believe that God, through His Son,, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, can restore you to sound judgment.

Step 3 Goal:   Make a decision to turn our lives over to God through total trust in the word of the cross  of Jesus Christ.

Step 4 Goal:    Look into our hearts by fearlessly examining ourselves, detecting our shortcomings and asking for forgiveness for our sins.

Step 5 Goal:   Confess to God and admit to ourselves the nature of our sins and pray that we may be restored.

Step 6 Goal:   Make a decision to commit every area of our lives to God through Jesus Christ, sincerely desiring that He remove strongholds of sin from our lives.

Step 7 Goal:  Ask God to change our way of thinking so that we will be able to recognize and do the will of God.

Step 8 Goal:  Make a list of all persons we have harmed and make a decision to ask their forgiveness by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Step 9 Goal:  Make amends whenever possible, as we are led by the Holy Spirit.  We forgive others who have wronged us.

Step 10 Goal:  Continue to examine and evaluate ourselves to see whether we are holding to our faith and showing good fruit of it.  When we fall short , we confess it. 

Step 11 Goal:   Continue to grow in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, by the study of His Word, prayer, and obedience to Him.

Step 12 Goal:   As a new Christian we seek to take the message of Christ to others.